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Monday, 1 July 2013

Top US Electric Car City Could Soon Be… (You’re Never Gonna Guess It)

Which do you think is the top electric-car city in the US… LA? New York? San Francisco? Or Portland?

Not one of those cities but the city of about 800,000 people — Indianapolis, the capital city of Indiana, USA. The city is interested in having all of its fleet of cars replaced with electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). Once that happens, it could become the #1 electric-car city in the US.

After the announcement was made, Paul Mitchell, CEO of Energy Systems Network, got the idea of putting into motion a plan to procure 500 US-built electric vehicles — possibly the Nissan Leaf or Ford Focus — and also to build charging stations as support facilities.

Energy Systems Network collaborated with Bollore, an electric car manufacturer for Europe, and with the mayor for the plan. Bollore plans to launch the program next year and has invested $35 million in the program. It will buy the 500 electric vehicles and kiosks required for check-in.

The city plans to set up 1,200 level-2 charging stations (more stations than cars) in 200 sites. Level-2 charging stations can recharge vehicles at 240 volts for a range of 10 to 20 miles range for each hour of charging time. These stations are the second-fastest chargers at present.

“This program is a great boon for downtown workers, residents and visitors to drive around town without owning a car,” Mayor Ballard announced. “This service lets anyone — public or private individual — to pay only for a car when he or she needs and wants it. You do not pay for fuel, insurance, maintenance and parking costs when you do not use the vehicle.”

Pretty awesome – don’t you think so? Indeed it is a great step toward claiming the title as the USA’s Top Electric-Car City.

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