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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Can you prevent credit card scam when you go out on a dinner date?

According to the recent research, young people prefer using cards over cash, especially in posh restaurants or shopping malls. Are you planning to go out on a dinner date but afraid that your credit card might get scammed? The question now is, how can we prevent it from happening?

Many people have suffered from job loss and wage deduction following the recent economic meltdown. As a result, to make money in this tough economic situation some people are enter fraudulent activities. Lately, these fraudsters are taking advantage of the situation to misuse the consumers’ credit card. A great number of people in America are filing complaints on fraudulent credit card transactions. Hence, to shun enrolling in a credit card settlement program, you can notify the credit card company concerning the fraudulent activities. You may be paying for the bills even though you are not responsible for the transaction if your card is misused without you knowing it.

Here are a few effective tips to prevent credit card scam:

Beware of restaurant fraud:

More consumers use their credit cards when shopping or paying restaurant bills. The scam may go like this, the restaurant employee may swipe the card and your card information can be recorded in the electronic device. If that is so, the fraudsters can use the information stored in the electronic device, and then the card information can be use in an off way. Any bad guy in the restaurant can take note your card’s number, expiration date plus the security code. The critical information can be used for online purchases and transactions made over the phone. What you must do is to be wary while handing over your credit card to the restaurant staff or to any stuff.

Tips to prevent credit card scam in a restaurant:

Demand to the wait staff to swipe the card in the electronic device prior to yours when you use your card to pay bill at a restaurant. You can prevent credit card fraud if you keep an eye on the transaction procedure. Right after you get the receipt, certify that you verify the total on the credit card receipt. Don’t just hand over the card to the restaurant staff and instead go to the counter and pay the bill yourself.

Avoid throwing the carbon copy receipt in the trash:

The fraudsters has many ways just so they could persist on the scam, they can even go behind the trash so don’t throw carbon copies of the receipts you leave. Receipts contain your credit card information like your name, credit card number and signature on them. Make certain you cut up the carbon copy of the receipt properly before you throw in the bin or better yet keep it as well.

Use cash instead of card:

This is the far better idea in any chance as possible, in any way or any aspect. Avoid fraudulent activity and use cash instead of credit card. If you are not going to use your card there will be no chance that someone else may get your info, it is as simple as that.

In conclusion, the cardholders need to remember the above tips to avoid credit card fraud.


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