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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Boiler Efficiency Regs could Save 10 Percent of EU Energy Consumption

According to Energy and Environmental Management reports, new European boiler efficiency regulations could lead to savings of up to 10% of annual consumption in Europe.

Standards for energy efficiency will become more stringent through new measures in keeping with the EU’s commitment to reduce emissions and improve energy use in the homes over the coming years.

The changes in minimum specifications for energy efficiency will mean that homeowners could benefit from saving thousands on energy cost by 2020.

The new Eco design Directive will set the technical specifications for designing water heaters and boilers, with new labeling guidelines that will facilitate identification of efficiency of particular brands.

Homes operating boilers using gas or oil account for 17% of the total emissions in the EU. From 2015, the measures will see old-style boilers phased out across the region, with new appliances to be graded from ‘A double+’ to ‘G’, depending on their comparative efficiency ratings.

The European Environmental Bureau estimates that about 15% of the energy efficiency targets set for EU 2020 will arise from the implementation of the Directive on the use of domestic appliances. This is a significant step towards attaining a 20% improvement in EU energy efficiency from 2005.

Environmental activists welcomed the bright outlook that the directive will produce as more efficient consumption will reduce emissions and their onerous impact on the climate.
Pulitzer-Prize-winning author Daniel Yergin said the move to lessen domestic energy-waste would aid in attaining targets on CO2 emissions reduction and alleviate the effects of climate change.

The measures could greatly decrease levels of energy consumption in tens of millions of homes in Europe. Applying this approach in other regions, or implementing similar methods to enhance related measures to increase efficiency, could have a significant and enduring impact on the environment.
However, certain groups have voiced out their apprehensions about the higher prices of appliances and the stringent policy guidelines that may see other types of energy-efficient water-heaters priced out of the market.
Dana Popp of the Association of the European Heating Industry said that the changes could lead some families to convert to electric water-heaters – a turn that could actually increase emissions within a short duration.

New boilers are seen to sell at around 60% more than the present market prices due to the regulation; however, efficiency will rise from 50% to 81% across two standard models. This means homeowners can recover the additional purchase expense from their reduced annual energy costs.

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