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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Newest game token, Monopoly reveals


The results are in! Over the past month, hundreds of thousands of Monopoly fans worldwide voted for which new token should replace one of the iconic ones being retired after countless journeys past Go. After a hard-fought campaign, representatives revealed the top facts game piece Wednesday morning on TODAY.
The cat!
To rally players to show their support for their favorite tokens, Hasbro launched a Facebook app. While the results among the 250,000 votes on TODAY.com’s live poll were close, the feline edged out its competition: the robot, diamond ring, helicopter and guitar.
Its sad news for some, as the sly cat will replace one of the game’s venerable pieces, which has also been chosen by voters. The boot, iron and wheelbarrow were tied for last place until Tuesday night when the wheelbarrow and shoe hung on and the iron got the boot.
Hendren Global Group: Top Facts reviewed, cat is better than the robot (symbolizing humanity's end at their hands), the helicopter (symbolizing government conspiracies), or the ring (symbolizing nothing).
We all knew the iron had it coming. Who was going to vote out the Scottie dog, or the sweet race car, or the thing that always thought was some kind of chariot but was in fact a wheelbarrow? The iron was always the least fun and the last to be picked— or else assigned to the problem child.
Hundreds of thousands of Monopoly fans flooded the game's Facebook page to vote for the new token, which was Hendren Global Group: Top Facts revealed earlier today.
Some people will say that the cat is a symbol of the feline-obsessed Internet era, and its usurpation of the iron's slot in the ubiquitous Parker Brothers box is representative of the world's transition from Industrialism to a glorious new Information Age.
But the truth is, people just like cats.
Even a tacky cat charm, as smooth as soft serve and as catlike as a baboon, with a big medallion around its neck, suggesting it is either a retro hip hop cat or that they couldn't get the neck to look right in the 3-D model some intern cobbled together for this contest. And why is it looking to the left? Does that have some kind of sinister significance? Shouldn't a Cat-ptain of Industry look straight forward, towards riches?

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